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Why Clean Your Rugs?

Posted: May 1, 2019

How long did it take you to pick out the perfect area rug for your living room? Nursery? Finished basement? If you’re a savvy shopper you probably shopped around, compared online and finally purchased an investment piece for your home. So why skimp on taking care of it?

Vacuuming and spot treatments alone will not prolong the life of your rugs. In fact, most experts recommend a professional deep cleaning at least twice a year. Here are some reasons you may want to consider our professional area rug cleaning.

They’ve lost that loving feeling

Did you choose your area rugs because they were soft and felt good to walk on? You may have noticed that over time, this changes. Many times, this is due to hair, dirt and other particles that build up on the fibers and mattes them down. A professional cleaning should restore some of the rugs softness (depending on wear).

Remove bacteria and allergens

Dust, pet hair, skin particles, dirt and more build up over time.You may have an expensive vacuum that promises to remove allergens – and it likely does help. But to truly remove the most particles, professional cleaning is your best bet.

That stain is not gone

Every area rug has a stain or 10. Pets? Kids? Neighbors? Your area rugs are there to protect your flooring underneath so they take the most beating. You may have removed the surface stains with an in-home treatment. However the entire stain hasn’t been removed, including the backing or matting underneath. Why does this matter if you can’t see it? Stained fibers actually trap more dirt than normal, leading to increased wear over time. Plus, it can attract bugs and mites that feed off leftover stains.

If you are interested in our area rug cleaning and have any questions, feel free to call us or speak with a service representative at your next visit. Pricing is based on square feet, and the style of rug. Pickup and delivery is available.

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