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5 Reasons To Bring Your Clothing To Us (Even Those That Aren’t “Dry-Clean Only”)

Posted: February 25, 2019

1. Top-Notch Stain Removal

It doesn’t matter if you drop a leaf of Caesar salad on your favorite suit or even just a coveted T-shirt… either way, it can be super annoying! Stains have complexity and luckily, so does our stain removal department. In fact, our most senior stain expert has more than 2 decades of experience tackling these menacing spots! Washing alone won’t cure all stains, especially those caused by oils and grease. So, it’s important to get your stained items to a cleaner you trust – and the sooner the better!

2. It’s All In the Details

Do you separate colors, lights and darks? Tumble dry vs line dry? Warm vs cold? What about checking pockets and closing zippers? Probably not – but we do! We pay attention to your fabrics and their care labels and clean accordingly.

3. Finish Like A Pro

Did you know there are specific pieces of sophisticated equipment to press shirt cuffs and collars, blouses and jackets, even pants? Even if you don’t have a lot of clothes that require dry cleaning, you probably have a bunch that would look a whole lot better with some pressing. Yes, it’s a tedious job, especially with a hand iron. Luckily, we have the finishing equipment and experienced pressers to do the job. Of course, before we consider your clothes perfect to wear, we have a final inspection team to touch up any final blemishes, double check stains & make sure all of your buttons are in-tact.

4. Silks, Sequins and Suits, Oh My!

If you have investment pieces that require dry cleaning or hand cleaning, you need to have a trusted cleaner like UV. Why spend all that money on a beautiful silk blouse or custom wool suit if you aren’t going to take care of it properly? Our professional cleaning processes ensure that your special items receive the care they deserve and help to preserve the rich colors and prolong the life of the piece.

5. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to…

Ohhh.. ever present laundry, how you challenge us… So tedious, so time consuming! Well, now consider Urban Valet your solution. We’ll equip you with our specially designed Wash & Fold nylon laundry bags, and then all you have to do is stuff them full and put them on your porch. Presto. In a few days your laundry will be washed, neatly folded and returned to you – ready to put away. Let UV put some time back in your day for the things that really matter!

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